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Giulio Carlo is a student-worker in the IT field. He enrols and sit the final exams of the single-courses of the three-year degree in Computer Science at the University of Milan to obtain the certificate, but he is neither a freshman nor an academic.

This website was created with the goal of sharing the knowledge that the author has acquired after passing each final exam. In other words, the website contains information and resources that can be useful to those who want to learn more about computer science.

The author is aware that there are more qualified sources that spread this doctrine, so he invites everyone to consult them after watching the Formula 42 Youtube channel or visiting this website. Nonetheless, he believes that it can be helpful for those who decide to move from a marginal approach to IT to a semi-professional academic approach.

If you find the work of the author of this site useful and would like to help him continue his studies and his projects, you can support him in various ways:

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Diploma awarded by the Don Lorenzo Milani high school

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